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2018 - 2020 Undergraduate Catalog 
2018 - 2020 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Cooperative and/or Pre-Professional Programs

There are several cooperative and/or pre-professional programs presently operative on the Morgan State University campus. These programs encourage a variety of unique educational opportunities to meet the needs of the Morgan student beyond what the campus boundaries provide. Each of these programs has distinct characteristics which are designed to enrich collegiate experiences and promote intellectual growth. Of particular interest is the Baltimore Student Exchange Program involving fifteen local institutions. Visit www.baltimorecollegetown.org or contact the Office of Records and Registration for more details. The programs of study at Morgan State University are sufficiently flexible to provide preparation for the numerous occupations that require an undergraduate foundation: medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, engineering and law. Students interested in any of the above areas should major in the specific discipline in which these programs are offered or closely related in regard to health careers.

The 3/4 Pre-Dentistry and Pre-Medical Programs

Morgan State University has a formal agreement with the Schools of Dentistry and Medicine at the University of maryland and Boston University School of Medicine. The 3/4 option establishes a dual degree program for high school graduates (or equivalent) who will attend Morgan State University for approximately three academic years and then attend the University of Maryland at Baltimore Dental School or Medical School for four academic years or Boston University School of Medicine. After successfully completing all academic requirements at Morgan State University and the first year at the said Dental or Medical Schools, the student will be awarded a bachelor’s degree from Morgan State University. Pre-dental and Pre-medical students should select biology or chemistry as a major and consult the respective departmental advisor in selecting courses in preparation for dentistry and medicine. After completing all requirements for graduation at the University of Maryland or Boston University, the student will be awarded the Doctor of Dental Surgery (D.D.S.) degree or the Doctor of Medicine degree at Boston University

Re-Professional Physical Therapy Program

Students planning to pursue a career in physical therapy should follow the pre-physical therapy curriculum. Students can major in any discipline and may prepare for a program in physical therapy by incorporating the required pre- requisites into their “major” curriculum requirements or major in physical education (Pre-Professional Physical Therapy track).

Most professional physical therapy programs now require a bachelor’s degree prior to entry. Students should complete all prerequisite courses and major requirements before applying to a professional physical therapy program upon earning their Bachelor’s Degree. Students may apply to masters or doctoral physical therapy programs. Most masters programs are 2-3 years; while doctoral programs are 3-4 years. Pre- requisites vary depending upon the institution. It is recommended that students contact professional programs directly for their most current requirements. The following Morgan State University courses constitute the minimum prerequisites required for University of Maryland and by most schools. REQUIREMENTS: BIOL 101-BIOL 102 OR BIOL 105-BIOL 106; BIOL 201-BIOL 202; CHEM 101- CHEM 102 OR CHEM 105-CHEM 106; CHEM 203-CHEM 204; PHYS 203-PHYS 204; MATH 113-MATH 114 OR MATH141; MATH 205; PSYC 102; PSYC 210; PHIL221; SPCH 101; PHEC 411 OR PHEC 412; ENGL101-ENGL102; HUMA 201-HUMA 202

Morgan State University students are advised to meet with their faculty advisor prior to registering in order to fulfill general education and core requirements for their major.

Pre-Law Programs

The Pre-Law Program is an interdisciplinary program that is offered in the College of Liberal Arts, through the collaboration of the Departments of English and Language Arts, History and Geography, Philosophy and Religious Studies, Political Science, and Sociology and Anthropology. Students interested in pursuing careers in law may major in English, History, Philosophy, Political Science, or Sociology. They pursue a core of courses that give them a solid foundation in the major and, then, an interdisciplinary core of courses in the Pre-Law Track that focus on sharpening their skills in: effective oral and written communication; critical textual analysis; critical thinking; argumentation and rhetoric; and the social and governmental institutions, traditions and values that shape the legal system.

Students may also pursue a minor in Pre-Law in the Department of Political Science and the Department of Sociology and Anthropology. Other departments in the various Schools also provide an excellent preparation for law school. Thus, students may elect to apply for law school regardless of their undergraduate major or without a minor in pre-law.