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2018-2020 Graduate School Catalog 
2018-2020 Graduate School Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

2018-2020 Graduate School Catalog

Provisions of this publication are not to be regarded as a contract between the student and Morgan State University.

Changes are effected from time to time in the general regulations and in the academic requirements.There are established procedures for making changes and procedures which protect the institution’s integrity and welfare. A curriculum or graduation requirement, when altered, is not made retroactive unless the alteration can be accommodated within the span of years required for graduation. Additionally, because of space limitations in limited enrollment programs, Morgan State University may not be able to offer admission to all qualified students applying to these programs and/or class-sections.

The general information regarding Morgan State University necessary for student success is published in the Undergraduate Catalog. Information in the Graduate Catalog related primarily to the procedures, regulations, and academic curricula of Morgan’s Graduate Programs.

The Undergraduate Catalog is the source for information regarding:

  • Academic Calendar
  • University Administration
  • Student Services
  • Policies on Conduct
  • Financial Aid (for graduate students, PLUS loans)
  • Housing
  • Parking
  • Food Service
  • Bookstore

The Graduate Catalog and College/School Sections are the sources for information regarding:

  • Admissions
  • Standards of Scholarship
  • Financial Support based on merit:
    • Teaching Assistantships
    • Fellowships
    • Scholarships
    • Graduate Research Assistantships
    • Graduate Administrative Assistantships
  • Course Offerings
  • Program Descriptions
  • Academic Processes and Procedures
  • Registration
  • Withdrawal and Separation (Leaves, etc.)

Graduate students and faculty are welcome to inquire at the office of the School of Graduate Studies about any process or procedure that affects graduate programming. The office can be reached in the following ways:

Telephone: 443-885-3185; Fax: 443-885-8226; Gradapply@morgan.edu;gradhelp@morgan.edu; or visit our office at 310 McKeldin Center.



Morgan State University reserves the right to provide some or all instruction and related academic activities through alternative methods of delivery (other than face to face), including remote/online delivery.  It also reserves the right to change the method of delivery before or during any academic term in the event of a health or safety emergency or other circumstance when it determines that such change is necessary or in the best interests of the campus community.  Tuition and fees will not be reduced or refunded if the University changes the delivery method during any period or all of an academic session.