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2018-2020 Graduate School Catalog 
2018-2020 Graduate School Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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ASLP 793 - Master’s Pre-Candidacy

Three hours.
9 Credits

This course conveys full-time status to a master’s graduate student engaged in study prior to the achievement of master’s candidacy. Students preparing for comprehensive examinations or for a thesis proposal defense enroll in this course.  Additionally, students needing additional time to complete a Master’s Project enroll in this course after initial enrollment in the appropriate Master’s Project course. This course is a non-curricular course and cannot be used as a program credit requirement.  The student registers for 3 credit hours and the registration reports the full-time status of 9 graduate credit hours.  


Prerequisite(s) RDHE 702  and RDHE 703  and RDHE 727  and RDHE 731  and EDSR 604  and RDHE 725  and RDHE 735  and RDHE 745  and RDHE 755  and RDHE 765  and RDHE 699 .
Co-Requisite(s) None
Contact Hours Three

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