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2022-2024 Graduate Catalog 
2022-2024 Graduate Catalog

Nursing (PhD), Curriculum Sequence

Suggested Curriculum Sequence

The typical plan of study requires enrollment in a minimum of nine (9) credit hours per term to remain full-time.  Not every course is offered every term, and the following plan of study is an illustration. At the initial conference with an advisor, a preliminary plan of study will be established, and this will be reported to the School of Graduate Studies (using the SGS Plan of Study Form) for placement in the student’s official file.  At this time, any anticipated exceptions or anticipated transfer credits will be noted. An estimated time for completion of the thesis/dissertation must be included. Changes to the plan of study will be reported to the School of Graduate Studies. The student and the advisor will sign the form submitted to the School of Graduate Studies.

Second Year (Semester Two): 12 Credits

Third Year (Semester One): 0 Credits


 NOTE: This course conveys full-time status to a doctoral student as a full-time student engaged in study prior to the achievement of doctoral candidacy. Students studying for comprehensive examinations or preparing for a proposal defense enroll in this course.  This course is a non-curricular course and cannot be used as a program credit requirement. The student registers for 3 credit hours and the registration reports the full-time status of 9 graduate credit hours. 


Continuing Semesters

NURS 997  /NURS 998  : Dissertation Guidance / Dissertation Defense            3/9** Credits


** Note:

Upon achieving Doctoral Candidacy, the student will continuously register in Fall and Spring terms for NURS 997 (Dissertation Guidance) until the Dissertation is completed and submitted to the School of Graduate Studies for review.  The course is used only when the curriculum has been completed, candidacy has been achieved, and the student is completing the research and writing of the Dissertation. The NURS 997 course registration maintains the student status as a matriculated, full-time student (student is registered for 3 credit hours and the system reports a full-time 9 credit hour load). 

After the Intent to Defend the Dissertation form has been received by the School of Graduate Studies, this course registration will be changed to NURS 998 (Dissertation Defense) for the given semester and count for 3 credit hours of curricular coursework (NURS 998 will also count as 9 credits of load).  NURS 997 will not count toward curricular credits. Other courses cannot be substituted for NURS 997 (Dissertation Guidance). The only eligible grade for NURS 997 (Dissertation Guidance) is the grade of “S” and the only acceptable grade for NURS 998 (Dissertation Defense) is “P/F” (Pass/Fail).