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2016-2018 Undergraduate Catalog 
2016-2018 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Veteran Services

The Office of Enrollment Outreach and Veteran Engagement facilitates the provision of services to contact the Veteran Coordinator and School Certifying Officer.

Students who are eligible for benefits under the Veterans Educational Assistance Act must notify the University each semester that they are enrolled so they may be certified to receive the appropriate benefits. Students who have never applied for benefits must submit an application (VA Form 22-1990) along with a copy of their DD 214 and all documents necessary to support evidence of dependency. For the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs forms and additional information on Veteran Education benefits visit

CONTINUING STUDENTS who are receiving veteran benefits will be eligible for advance payment. Advance payment is offered when a veteran student first applies for benefits or when a veteran student returns after missing semesters. An enrollment certification should be completed in the Office of Records and Registration 60 days prior to the registration period. Continuous payment will be offered to the continuing student for the remainder of his/her enrollment. Veteran students must meet the same admission standards as all other students. Since it takes 60 days or more to clear a VA application for educational benefits, new students are urged to apply to the Office of Undergraduate Admission and Recruitment for acceptance as early as possible. A copy of the letter of acceptance MUST be presented to the Office of Veterans Engagement in order to apply for veteran’s educational benefits.

TRANSFER APPLICANTS from other colleges or universities MUST advise their local V.A. office by filing “A Change of Program or Place of Training” (22-1995) form. In order to receive an advance payment check, the student must file at least 60 days prior to Morgan’s registration.

VA “I” Grade Policy

The Veterans Administration’s “I” grade policy affects payments to VA students. The Veterans Administration policy states that “I” grades must be made up within one (1) calendar year from the date the “I” grade was earned. Failure to do so within the allotted time will result in an overpayment which the student must repay to the VA because the VA does not pay for courses in which “I” grades are earned. Any questions about the VA “I” grade should be directed to the Veteran Coordinator and School Certifying Officer.

Change in Enrollment or Academic Status

IT IS THE VETERAN’S RESPONSIBILITY TO NOTIFY THE OFFICE OF VETERANS ENGAGEMENT OF ANY CHANGES IN COURSE LOAD THAT MAY AFFECT HIS/HER MONTHLY ALLOTMENT. Timely reporting of such changes will prevent subsequent charges of over payment by the Veterans Administration. Should a veteran know in advance that he/she will be returning for any succeeding semester or summer session, it is his/her responsibility to notify the Office of Records and Registration that he/ she is desirous of being certified continuously.

Moreover, should a veteran be certified for any given semester or summer session and not attend or withdraw, it is his/her responsibility to notify the Office of Veterans Engagement Veterans who are placed on Academic Probation or officially dropped from the University for any reason will be reported to the Veterans Administration within (30) days of the University’s action.

Transfer Students

Students transferring from other colleges must present to the V.A. certifying official of Morgan State University a copy of their official transcript from all other institutions for which educational benefits were paid.

Student Status

All persons requesting certification for educational benefits must be matriculating students pursuing courses leading toward an academic degree.

Advance Payment Procedures

The advance payment consists of the allowance for the remaining portion of the initial enrollment month plus the whole allowance for the next month. Students are not guaranteed two full calendar months’ pay; therefore, students must expect Advance Pay to cover completely the tuition and fees. The Advance Pay can be applied for only if the student will be enrolled at the University on at least a half-time basis and meets the established office deadline.
New freshmen are urged to apply early to the Admissions Office for acceptance since it takes 90 days or more to clear a VA application for educational benefits. Once students have received their acceptance letters, they should contact the Office of Veterans Engagement to apply for veterans’ educational benefits.

Approved Program

The VA will pay the veteran only for the courses listed in the University catalog that are required for his/her degree. If students take courses in ad- dition to those listed for their curriculum, they will not be entitled to receive VA benefits for them.

Record Evaluation Summary

At the end of each academic year, certified VA students will be required to meet with their academic advisors to prepare a record evaluation summary of all courses taken up to that time. This form may be obtained from the VA certifying official in the Office of Records and Registration. Upon completion this evaluation must be returned as soon as possible to the campus VA office.

Failure to adhere to these instructions will result in the cancellation of monthly benefits.