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2020-2022 Undergraduate Catalog 
2020-2022 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Campus Security

Current Facilities

Current policies concerning security and access to campus facilities, including residential halls, and security considerations used in the maintenance of campus facilities:

Morgan State University is designated as Maryland’s public urban university. As such, the university is situated on an open campus in the northeastern portion of Baltimore City. The university comprises approximately 158 acres and is impacted on its boundaries by surrounding residential communities and retail activities. The overall security program of the university is focused on providing police protection and security services to a population which includes approximately 7,000 students and 1,500 faculty members and other employees. Access to campus facilities and activities is accomplished by means of an identification card which is issued to each member of the community. This is the primary means of identifying community members on the campus and the display of the card on an outer garment is consistently encouraged and, upon request of an officer of the university, the identification card must be shown. Residential life facilities are staffed by employees of the Office of Residence Life, who assume responsibility for controlling access to on/off campus residential facilities. In addition, continuous exterior security is provided during the hours of darkness by dedicated security officers, regular police patrols, plainclothes officers and a camera system. The university makes every effort to ensure that campus facilities, buildings, and grounds are designed and maintained in such a manner as to promote safety and security, and reduce the opportunity for criminal activity. In this light, emphasis is focused on protective lighting, landscaping and grounds keeping, and identifying areas of the campus which may contribute to crime conducive conditions. In addition to this effort, security alarm systems are employed in buildings throughout the campus, as well as security officers in selected facilities and continuous foot/motorized police patrols.

Campus Law Enforcement

Current policies concerning campus law enforcement:

The Department of Police and Public Safety is charged with the responsibility for the delivery of security, law and order, and police services at Morgan State University. The Department employs approximately forty (40) sworn police officers along with 15 non-sworn support staff. Police officers must successfully complete a minimum standards entry level police training academy course as mandated by the State of Maryland Police Training Commission, which includes such subjects as criminal law and procedures, patrol and investigation practices and techniques, firearms, first-aid, emergency vehicle operations, use of force, and physical training. In addition, police officers must successfully complete in-service training on an annual basis to maintain their certification as police officers in the State of Maryland. Finally, an array of in-service training and specialized training programs are presented to update and enhance the professional skills of the officers.

University police officers are vested with all the powers, authority, and responsibilities of any police officer of the State of Maryland on property owned or operated by the university and the surrounding area. The Department of Police and Public Safety cooperates fully with local, federal and state law enforcement agencies in cases which involve both on-campus and off-campus jurisdictions, or when the resources of another agency can be used to facilitate the resolution of an investigation or public safety issue.

Members of the university community are urged to notify the Department of Police and Public Safety immediately of any criminal activity or other public safety concern or issue. In addition, emergency security telephones (“blue phones”) are installed at selected locations throughout the university campus.

The Department of Police and Public Safety publishes news safety and security brochures, and provides oral presentations to all segments of the campus community on a frequent basis to educate community members on police policies and procedures. Students and employees are reminded of recurring or significant crime problems being experienced on the campus and their role and responsibility in reducing their vulnerability in becoming crime victims.

The Department of Police and Public Safety publishes pamphlets on various topics of Crime Prevention which are available to all students, faculty, and staff members. Topics include: Police Protection and Security Services, General Crime Prevention Techniques, Campus Watch, Operation I.D., Rape and Sexual Assault, Date Rape, and Drug and Alcohol Abuse. The Department of Police and Public Safety holds sessions each semester on the above topics. Information on safety and security is provided to students, faculty, and staff members regularly through seminars, films, bulletins, crime alerts, posters, brochures, university staff and student newspapers, other university periodicals and the university website.

Moreover, it should be noted that specific criminal statistics information pertaining to crime within this campus community is available to all prospective students and employees as well as current students and work force personnel. Requests for such information should be directed to Police Headquarters either in person or via telephone (443) 885-3100 or via correspondence to the following address: Police and Public Safety Department, Morgan State University, 1700 East Cold Spring Lane, Baltimore, Maryland 21251.