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2020-2022 Undergraduate Catalog 
2020-2022 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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IEGR 361 - Introduction to Linear Programming

3 Credits
3 lecture hours.

Essentials of linear algebra including vectors and matrices manipulations & definitions; matrix operations, determinant of square matrix, inverse of a matrix; quadratic forms, principal minor; convex and concave functions and convex sets. Solving systems of linear equations; plotting linear equations and inequalities, graphical solutions, extreme points and feasible region; Introduction to linear programming and formulation of LP models, objective functions and constraints and optimal solutions; Principles of the simplex method; standard form, simplex method in tableau form, finding feasible solutions and performing iterations; computer solutions of LP.

Prerequisite(s) MATH 241  and IEGR 204  completed with grades of “C” or higher
Offered (FALL)

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