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2022-2024 Undergraduate Catalog 
2022-2024 Undergraduate Catalog

Department of English and Language Arts

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Chairperson: Associate Professor J.A. White (Interim)

Director of Graduate Studies: Associate Professor Julie Cary Conger

Coordinator of the Major and Advising: Associate Professor L. Adam Mekler

Coordinators of Freshman Studies: Professor Milford Jeremiah and Associate Professor L. Adam Mekler

Coordinator of Creative Writing: Assistant Professor A. J. Verdelle

Director of Digital Media Center: Associate Professor Keith Mehlinger

Director of the Writing Center: Associate Professor Tristan Abbott

Coordinator of Professional and Technical Writing: Anita Pandey

Coordinator of Technical and Business Writing:  Professor Anita Pandey

Professors: Milford Jeremiah,  Adele Newson-Horst, Anita Pandey

Associate Professors: Tristan Abbott, M.K. Asante, Jr., Julie Cary Conger, Keith Mehlinger, L. Adam Mekler, Joy Myree-Mainor, J.A. White, David Warfield

Assistant Professors:  Brett Butler, Mary Henderson, Karl Henzy, Denise Jarrett, Tyrone Stanley, A.J. Verdelle

Lecturers:  Titlayo Akanke, Leiza Brown, Inte’a DeShields, Betty Davis, Johnie Fields, Abigail Higgs, Linda Marie Johnson, Jonathan Luftig, Melanie Marotta, Robert Matunda, Abdoulaye Mbaye, Paul Mukundi, Perts Nwafor, Nicole Watford,  Abosede Akinbiola, Dale Beran, David Roberts, Kobina Yanka

Staff:  Mrs. Ella Stevens, Ms. Crystal Brown-Helem

The Departmental Major

At the undergraduate level, the Department of English and Language Arts offers the Bachelor of Arts Degree in English. Students may follow tracks in Creative Writing or Literature and Language. Students interested in pursuing a career in elementary or secondary school teaching may follow the Language and Literature track, supplementing their studies with appropriate courses in the School of Education and Urban Studies.  Future lawyers are encouraged to follow the Literature and Language track and pursue the minor in Legal Studies.

Students may also pursue a major in Screenwriting and Animation, leading to a Bachelor of Arts degree; contact the department’s head of Screenwriting and Animation, Prof. Keith Mehlinger, for further details.

Freshman English

Freshman English Requirement: The Freshman English Program consists of two consecutive semesters of study of composition and research: ENGL 101 -ENGL 102   or ENGL 111 -ENGL 112 . In order to pass courses in the Freshman English Program, students must earn grades of “C” or higher.

The Reading Program

The Department of English and Language Arts offers a course in Developmental Reading. The course ALCR 101   is required of students enrolled in the Pre-College Studies Program and students who test low on the university’s placement test in reading. 

The Major in Screenwriting and Animation (SWAN)

Coordinator of SWAN: Keith Mehlinger

Associate Professor: M.K. Asante Jr.

Assistant Professor: David W. Warfield

 Adjunct Faculty: Dale Beran, Willie Moore, Brittany Parker, David Roberts, Kobina Yankah,

 Affiliate Professor:  MBARE NGOM (Dept. of World Languages and International Studies)





    Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Fine ArtsBachelor of ArtsMinor

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