Jun 16, 2021  
2020-2022 Undergraduate Catalog 
2020-2022 Undergraduate Catalog

Economics Honors Program, B.A. or B.S.


The Departmental Honors Program in Economics is a complement to—and is intended to be pursued during the junior and senior years after completion of—the university-wide Honors Program in the General Education Program. The Departmental Honors Program is designed to broaden the range and increase the depth of study in the major by providing opportunities for (1) developing advanced analytical and critical thinking skills specific to the discipline; (2) reading extensively and intensively the seminal great books in the field; (3) investigating, conducting research on and defending a topic, thesis, or project, (4) laying the foundation for life-long, independent learning; and (5) developing a sense of belonging in the Community of Scholars and a commitment to the advancement of knowledge.


To qualify for admission to the Departmental Honors Program in Economics, students: (1) must have earned a minimum of 56 credits, at least 25 of which must have been earned at Morgan; (2) must have a cumulative average of 3.4 or higher, (3) must have a major average of 3.4 or higher in all required and supporting courses completed for the major, and (4) must file a formal application, be interviewed, and be admitted to the Program by the Department.

Program Requirements:

Students admitted to the Departmental Honors Program in Economics must complete the following course requirements:


In addition, students must, based on the research conducted in their Senior Thesis courses, write and, in April of the senior year, defend a Senior Thesis on a topic approved by the department.

To remain in the Departmental Honors Program in Economics, students: (1) must, once admitted to the Program, complete all remaining courses in the major at Morgan (unless excused from doing so by the Dean), (2) must maintain a major average of 3.4 or higher, (3) and must complete all courses in the Departmental Honors Program with an average of 3.4 or higher.

Students who completed the requirements outlined above will be graduated with Departmental Honors, which will be conferred in a ceremony associated with graduation exercises.