Apr 20, 2021  
2020-2022 Undergraduate Catalog 
2020-2022 Undergraduate Catalog

Theatre Arts

Suggested Curriculum Sequence

This curriculum guide is a tool for planning.  Matriculated students and advisors should consult Degree Works before and after registration for classes each semester to track academic progress.

First Year (Semester One): 15 Credits

First Year (Semester Two): 14 Credits

Second Year (Semester One): 17 Credits

Second Year (Semester Two): 16 Credits

Third Year (Semester One): 16 Credits

Third Year (Semester Two): 13 Credits

Fourth Year (Semester One): 15 Credits

  • XXXX - Liberal Arts Core 3 credits​
  • 3 credits
  • XXXX - THEA Elective 3 credits1
  • XXXX - THEA Elective 3 credits1
  • XXXX - CI General Education Req. 3 credits CI

Fourth Year (Semester Two): 14 Credits

Total: 120

Please see General Education Requirements Distribution Areas  for courses that satisfy General Education Requirements where not specified by the department

1  THEA Electives are 2 courses chosen from the following:  THEA 233 THEA 234 ,  THEA 305 THEA 312 THEA 416 ENGL 333    and 2 courses chosen from the following:  THEA 420 THEA 421 THEA 422  
2 Two sequential courses in the same language.  It is Strongly recommended that students take both Foreign Language courses before the senior year